Providence in Parenthesis?

Thomas Fuller reflecting on the implications of writing letters with insufficient circumspection regarding God’s providence. This is not an endorsement of Mr. Fuller as a true Christian, but I think his reflections serve to advise, remind, and spur true Christians to sober, thoughtful, circumspection regarding such passages as James’ “If the Lord wills, we shall live and do this or that.” (and many other passages with the same general idea as James 4:13-16)

“When in any writing, I have occasion to insert these passages, ‘God willing,’ ‘God lending me life,’ &c. I observe, Lord, that I can scarce hold my hand from encircling these words in a parenthesis, as if they were not essential to the sentence, but may as well be left out, as put in. Whereas indeed they are not only of the commission at large, but of the quorum, that without them all the rest is nothing; wherefore hereafter I will write those words fully and fairly, without any inclosure [sic] about them. Let critics censure it for bad grammar, I am sure it is good divinity.” [Thomas Fuller, Good Thoughts in Bad Times; and Good Thoughts in Worse Times (Kindle Locations 150-151). J. Bartlett, and for Williams and Smith and Baynes, London. Kindle Edition.]