An Adequate Approximation

A quote from the heretic, John Murray (all CAPS mine):

“We must not think of regeneration as something which can be abstracted from the saving exercises which are its effects. Hence we shall have to conclude that in the other passages ([1 John] 2:29; 4:7; 5:1) the fruits mentioned  — doing righteousness, the love and knowledge of God, believing that Jesus is the Christ — are just as necessarily the accompaniments of regeneration as are the fruits mentioned in [1 John] 3:9; 5:4, 18. This simply means that all of the graces mentioned in these passages are the CONSEQUENCES OF REGENERATION, and not only consequences which SOONER OR LATER FOLLOW UPON REGENERATION, but FRUITS which are INSEPARABLE from regeneration. We are warned and advised, therefore, that while regeneration is the action of God and of God alone we must never conceive of this action as SEPARABLE from the activities of saving grace on our part which are the NECESSARY and appropriate effects of God’s grace in us” (John Murray, Redemption: Accomplished And Applied, p. 104).

As many true Christians are aware, multitudes of tolerant Calvinists abstract and separate regeneration from the necessary and immediate fruit of believing that Jesus is the Christ. The tolerant Calvinists say that their muddled brothers in Satan will sooner or later believe that Jesus is the Christ. And by “later” they usually mean in heaven. In brief, the tolerant Calvinists believe that a false “Jesus” whom the apostles did NOT preach is a “close enough approximation” of the confession that the apostle John demands.