WCF: Of the Law of God (XIX. 1)

“God gave to Adam a law, as a covenant of works, by which He bound him and all his posterity, to personal, entire, exact, and perpetual obedience, promised life upon the fulfilling, and threatened death upon the breach of it, and endued him with power and ability to keep it” (XIX. 1).

We have seen in previous sections that it is a false conclusion based on a vain speculating premise to allege that God gave the law to Adam and his posterity with the intention of giving them life eternal upon its fulfilling. Here we see a slight expansion upon the type of obedience required—a “perpetual” obedience. How would pre-fall Adam fulfill an alleged requirement of perpetual obedience? Evidently for the WCF, perpetual does not actually mean perpetual (IV. 2; VII. 2). Furthermore, their vain speculation regarding pre-fall Adam has led them into idolatry–they attribute to pre-fall Adam the qualities of character that belong to Christ alone.