Chosen by God (by R.C. Sproul; Chapter 5)

Chapter 5:

“Spiritual Death and Spiritual Life: Rebirth and Faith.”

There is not a lot I want to comment on in this chapter except for a few things:

“Most Christians agree that God’s work of regeneration is a work of grace. The issue that divides us is whether or not this grace is irresistible” (p. 120).

Certain lost self-righteous religionists who misuse the name of Christ say that faith precedes regeneration. In this case regeneration is NOT a work of grace but a work of debt — this is “regeneration of debt” by the self-righteous work of the sinner. It is a blatant form of salvation by works and it is damnable heresy.

Sproul proceeds to discuss what he calls other “non-Reformed” views of regeneration. Specifically the view of “prevenient grace.” This is defined as a kind of “grace” than comes before something (p. 123). The non-Reformed view is that this “grace” is given to every sinner without exception and thus every sinner without exception is able to choose to believe in Christ for salvation by virtue of this sufficient prevenient “grace.” One reason for this aforementioned perversion of the Biblical concept of grace is that this view believes that Christ died equally for every sinner without exception. For a Biblical refutation of this particular “non-Reformed” view see two articles, Gospel Atonement and The Damnable Heresy of Arminianism:

Sproul’s primary pestilence in this chapter is that he calls these self-righteous advocates “Christians” (p. 125). Next Page (6)

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