Reading about wickedness (Part 3)

I was reading a little bit from Ezekiel Hopkins’ exposition of the ten commandments — specifically on the non-committal of adultery — and this comment by him made me think of writing or teaching that glorifies sin or goes into too much detail regarding the sin (cf. Ephesians 5:11-12). Hopkins’ uses the word “minute,” by which I think he means going into “every little detail” in a given description. Well, here, see what I mean:

“I judge it not convenient to be too circumstantial in showing you what is prohibited under this precept. I know that some, especially the popish casuists in their treatises of moral divinity, such as Sanches, Diana, &c. have spoken of these things so minutely, and with such a filthy accurateness, that they violate the very eyes and fancies of their readers; rather teach vice than condemn it; and instruct the ignorant to sin skilfully rather than convince the guilty to bring them to repentance” (Ezekiel Hopkins).

This is not a blanket-endorsement of Hopkins as a true Christian.