Hyper Drive? (part 3)

This post concludes my “hyper drive” correspondence with Hugh:


We are not the group that broke away from the OPC in Barre. I don’t know what the young man in New York said that “seemed” to confirm this. Nevertheless, it is my hope and prayer that we could be instrumental in God regenerating someone and thus causing them to separate from an assembly that is part of the Great Whore (Revelation 18:4).

I had moved here a few years ago when I separated from the Orthodox Presbyterian Synagogue of Satan in West Valley, Utah. Anyways, you wrote:

There are of course, no accidents. Having had such connections made for me, I decided to inquire and see if these were in fact, the same people as I thought they were. So here we are.

Chris: And of course, I will have to say: “here we aren’t,” because we are not in fact the same people as you think we are. And not being a native Vermonter, I don’t even know where Barre is exactly.

It is no accident I have come here, and no accident that I knew of you, (if in fact you are who I suppose you are) and no accident that I “accidentally” picked the church I did.

Chris: I guess I’m going to have to go out on a limb here by saying that I am not who you suppose I am.

I’m hardly a conventional believer in sum total. I am a polygyny advocate and have been accused of being Anabaptist though I subscribe largely to reformation era doctrine as expressed by Calvin and Luther.

Chris: Did you know that Luther and Calvin believed that Jesus Christ died for everyone without exception? And a follow-up: Is every person who believes that Jesus Christ died for everyone without exception, unregenerate? Also, could you briefly explain what verses in the Bible show that polygyny is lawful in God’s eyes now as it was for some OT saints in theocratic times?

I hope I have explained myself as well as possible. My initial intent was to know who it is I was dealing with. I am frustrated in that regard, and somewhat irritated that in response to simple inquires I am instead confronted with a host of questions designed to determine my bona fides as a Christian.

Chris: Marc forwarded your message to me since I am single and have more time than him. You did not ask me, “who am I dealing with?” And so I treated you as a typical religionist who is tolerant of self-righteous religion. You believe that those who believe another gospel (Galatians 1:8-9) are true Christians. This is clear proof that you have no idea what the true gospel is, since you think that those who believe a false gospel are true Christians. You call the Arminian your brother and so there must be some common false gospel ground that you can both agree upon. What is your common confessional ground with the Arminian?

Because of reports that came to me prior to making contact that I believe to be about you and your group, I view your approach to me as suspicious.

Chris: The reports about “[me] and my group” (I didn’t even know I had a group) leaving were wrong of course, since I cannot depart from where I have never been. I wouldn’t say that my approach is “suspicious.” My approach to you is basically the same as my approach to any other tolerant Calvinist. You are pretty much a run-of-the-mill tolerant of the false gospel Calvinist–the polygyny thing is a new twist though.

It is also very hard to sort out. I am in my own way very busy with projects of my own. Rather than try to go after all things at once, why not pick one and discuss it? Are not God’s purposes perfect? Will he not use your words and mine to the good of both of us if we believe? Must you convince me of everything at once? Indeed such excessive striving does not convince me that you trust the LORD to do all things. Relax. Everything unfolds as it should.

Chris: Indeed, your reaction to my excessive striving does not convince me that you have impeccable reasoning skills. I trust the Lord to do all things. The Lord does all things by causing me to excessively strive, or by causing me to not excessively strive. The Lord does all things by either hardening you in your false religion, or by causing you to believe the true gospel of salvation conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Christ alone.