Respecters of men

More of my interaction with members of The Fighting Fundamentalist Forums that took place sometime in January of 2010:

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Of course, when you can interact at the same level with Shaw and/or Hodge on the same topic, perhaps some may even consider what you have to say.


A.A. Hodge, in his work “The Westminster Confession: A Commentary” states:

“If infants and others not capable of being called by the gospel are to be saved, they must be regenerated and sanctified immediately by God without the use of means. If God could create Adam holy without means, and if he can new-create believers in righteousness and true holiness by the use of means which a large part of men use without profit, he can certainly make infants and others regenerate without means” (p. 174).

It appears that the Calvinist Reformed consensus is to deny that the gospel is the power of God to salvation to everyone believing by making exceptions to the Romans 1:16-17, Mark 16:16, and Romans 10:3 rule.

There’s a little interaction with Hodge, AMR. Will some here now consider what I had to say? Sure. They’ll consider it alright. They will consider it foolish because they are respecters of the faces of men. They will show their utter contempt for the truth just so long as their praise and popularity from men may be retained. They love the glory of men more than the glory of God.