James White vs Roger Olson

On a recent “Radio-free Geneva” edition of the “Dividing Line” James White quotes from Roger Olson’s book “Against Calvinism”:

“non-Calvinist theology [inaudible to me–CD] salvation, such as Arminianism, makes salvation dependant upon good works because the sinner’s decision to accept Christ is made the decisive factor in his or her salvation.”

James White’s response to his quote of Olson:

JW: “This is a standard canard. We are not saying it makes it works salvation; what we’re saying is it makes man the ultimate decider in the matter of salvation, and therefore what you’re saying is that…the deciding factor is found in man himself…that when we stand before God we’re going to be able to look at those who are under His punishment and say, ‘I was in some way better than them. More spiritually sensitive…something…but I was better than they were.’ That’s the argument. And Arminians like to spin it and say that, ‘Oh, you’re just saying that we believe in works salvation’; No we’re saying you’re synergists not monergists. And that synergism in some way, shape or fashion has to answer the question ‘Why me and not somebody else?’ …the answer is always found in me, not in the grace of God.”

Uhhh. How is that “spin” on the Arminians’ part, Mr. White? How is being the “ultimate decider in the matter of salvation” NOT works salvation? How is being more “spiritually sensitive” and being “better than” “those who are under His punishment” NOT works salvation? How is saying that someone is a “synergist” NOT works salvation? How is “the answer is always found in me, not in the grace of God” NOT works salvation? If salvation is NOT by grace, then what, pray tell, IS it by? Sir? Do you have logic, sir?