Extenuating Dabney’s racism

The virulent racist R. L. Dabney got a free pass because he was a “brilliant theologian and leader” who was “impacted by the contexts in which [he lived] and [ministered], and in particular, by the controversies that [defined] [his] age” (cf. https://agrammatos.wordpress.com/2011/11/13/augustine-gets-a-pass/). Curt Daniel writes the following concerning Dabney’s virulent racism:

“Like many other ‘gentleman theologians,’ he defended slavery — and even owned several slaves himself. This was a regretable [sic] weakness (great men have great weaknesses). Even after the Civil War, Dabney protested allowing blacks to be equal church officers in Presbyterian churches” (Curt Daniel, The History and Theology of Calvinism, p. 116).

Hey Dabney, got any Scripture to back that up, you repugnant racist? Nice extenuation of Dabney’s wickedness there, Daniel: “great men have great weaknesses.”