“Epistemology issues” (4)

If I may give a suggestion about your epistemological position : why don ‘t you begin to constructing a truly biblical-christian doctrine of true knowledge ,instead of only became a “reactioners” to other positions [i.e.-scripturalism] ?
Thank you all ..

I think I understand what you are saying regarding a construction of a truly biblical epistemology rather than a mere reactionary one. But in “reacting” to epistemological views that are contrary to Scripture, I necessarily place the contrary epistemology in contrast to Scripture. For example, in saying the view that teaches *all* knowledge is acquired through the senses and that *no* knowledge is innate, I contrast that with the Scriptures that teach innate knowledge. Thus, in doing this I am at least in the process of “constructing a truly biblical-christian doctrine of true knowledge” by a process of elimination. If I have two bricks in my hand (one is a Biblical brick and the other is not) and I discard one, the one that is not discarded is used to construct the house.

One way (the only way?) to get a clear idea of what epistemology is Biblical is to set Scriptural truth against the backdrop of error. Thus, as a “reactioner” I am trying to get a clearer picture of what a thing is by placing it in stark contrast to what it is not. All definition involves exclusion.