James White’s attractive theology

Here is an excerpt from OTC’s “The attractive theology of James White”:

[James White] “Your kindness and the fact that your theology is so attractive and evidences the Spirit so strongly I am sure will be noted by your six or seven readers.”

[Marc] Without the sarcasm, this means, “You’re unkind and I’m kind. Your theology is unattractive and mine is attractive. You do not evidence the Spirit and I evidence the Spirit. You have very few readers and I have tons of readers.”

Let us focus mainly on James White’s view that his theology is “attractive.” Since his theology is “attractive,” it follows that he has more people who agree with him. He sees this as a positive thing and as proof that he is right. Notice what he said in “Hyper Calvinism Revisited”:

[James White] “I suppose there is one thing that is good about exposing these people: their numbers do not grow. There is nothing attractive in hyper-Calvinism.” http://www.outsidethecamp.org/efl257.htm

Now here is my transcription excerpt (streamed from Sermonaudio) of a talk James White gave in 2008 at the John Bunyan conference in Kingwood, Texas.

[James White]:

“I refer you to Galatians chapter two…and of course the entire book of Galatians is one of the main reasons why my ministry will always be small. What do I mean by that? Well, if you want to make sure that your ministry always remains very small, make sure first of all you become a Calvinist…and you actually believe it and live it. Not just ‘oh you know I like the five points’…but it’s not that big a deal…Secondly, you talk about Roman Catholicism…if you want to make sure you’re unpopular forever be a Calvinist who talks about Roman Catholicism and debates the leading Roman Catholic apologists as well. And if you really want to make sure that you remain within the tiny category, then talk about Islam all at the same time. That’s how you do it…that is the…recipe for Smallville…for the rest of your existence. You will offend a wide variety of religious people in the process…and I’ve had to do all that primarily because of the book of Galatians.

James White mocks the smallness of our ministry while extolling the smallness of his own ministry. He inconsistently and hypocritically applies one standard to us, while applying a different standard to himself. He implies that he is in the “tiny category.” I guess that means we’re in the “infintesimal category.” But you see, unlike James White, we do NOT compromise by committing spiritual fornication with those who vilify the blood of Jesus Christ (e.g., universal atonement advocates, Dave Hunt, etc.). Nor do we compromise by committing spiritual fornication with a documented habitual and unrepentant liar (e.g., Ergun Caner) like James White does.

If Galatians wasn’t in the Canon, then I might be able to close my eyes to certain things and…on one hand talk about Mormonism that’s a false gospel, but not be consistent and look at false gospels elsewhere. But Galatians is there and there is just no way around what the Apostle Paul says.

James White may say that both Mormonism and Arminianism are false gospels, but he will not say that all Arminians are lost and presumably will say that all Mormons are lost. His hypocrisy has been exposed here:


[And after reading from Galatians 2:4-5 James White said the following:]

First of all, these individuals were inside the church. They were not outside the church; they claimed to be Christians, they claimed to be followers of Jesus. They would have claimed to love Jesus…and this is where a lot of times…I think I’m going to get myself in a lot of trouble right here…this is one of the reasons why we don’t have women elders…’cause ladies you have bigger hearts than we do. And when someone looks at you with big puppy-dog eyes and says ‘I really do believe,’ you’re more likely to go, ‘Oh I know. C’mon honey don’t be so mean to him.’ And the guy is going, ‘Excuse me, he’s a raving heretic.’ And sometimes you have to have the, ‘he’s a raving heretic’ because that’s exactly what was going on here [in Galatians 2:4-5 –CD]

A true Christian woman will easily discern a wolf in wolf’s clothing (i.e., a “raving heretic”).

[speaking of the false brother’s claim to be a brother, James White says:]

…and the Apostle Paul stood there and said, ‘You’re not my brother.’ That meanie. That terrible man. You see how our society thinks. How dare you call someone a false brother. How many people standing behind pulpits today would be willing to say someone is a false brother; their profession of faith is untrue? I mentioned a couple of nights ago, Todd Bentley…this guy who’s going around making a mockery of the gospel of Christ. He is a false brother. He claims to be a brother…he’s a false teacher..and unfortunately I’m in the minority to be willing to say that…’oh you’re…mean’…it’s got nothing to do with mean. It has to do with whether there is a way of knowing who is a brother and who is not…[end of my transcript]

James White hypocritically says to us in effect: “How dare you judge a person who believes that Jesus died for those in hell a false brother?”

White mentions a blatant heretic, Todd Bentley. Big deal. Like that’s supposed to be some great and rare thing to judge someone like Bentley unregenerate. That would probably be similar to judging Benny Hinn unregenerate. BUT you know what? It may be that MANY among the fashionably tolerant Calvinists would NOT judge Benny Hinn or Todd Bentley to be lost. What if a Calvinist similar in belief to James White judged Hinn and Bentley to be his spiritually weak and muddled brethren? Would James White judge such a Calvinist lost? I think you already know the answer.