A.A. Hodge: Heretic (1)

From A.A. Hodge’s Outlines of Theology:

22. If Christ died only for His own people, on what grounds does
the general offer or the gospel rest?

‘The Lord Jesus, in order to secure the salvation of his people, and with a specific view to that end, fulfilled the condition of the law or covenant under which they and all mankind were placed. These conditions were — (1) perfect obedience; (2) satisfaction to divine justice. Christ’s righteousness, therefore, consists of his obedience and death. That righteousness is precisely what the law demands of every sinner in order to justification before God. It is, therefore, in its nature adapted to all sinners who were under that law. Its nature is not altered by the fact that it was wrought out for a portion only of such sinners, or that it is secured to them by the covenant between the Father and the Son. What is necessary for the salvation of one man is necessary for the salvation of another and of all. It is also of infinite value, being the righteousness of the eternal Son of God, and therefore sufficient for all.’ — Hodge’s “Essays,” pp. 181, 182. [A.A. Hodge citing his father’s work there–CD]

A bona fide offer of the gospel, therefore, is to be made to all men — 1st. Because the satisfaction rendered to the law is sufficient for all men. 2d. Because it is exactly adapted to the redemption of all. 3d. Because God designs that whosoever exercises faith in Christ shall be saved by him. Thus the atonement makes the salvation of every man to whom it is offered objectively possible. The design of Christ’s death being to secure the salvation of his own people, incidentally to the accomplishment of that end, it comprehends the offer of that salvation freely and honestly to all men on the condition of their faith. No man is lost for the want of an atonement, or because there is any other barrier in the way of his salvation than his own most free and wicked will (A.A. Hodge, Outlines Of Theology, pp. 419-20; underlining mine–CD).

“No man is lost for the want of an atonement”!!?? THIS from one of the most often-quoted, highly-regarded Calvinists?? Is it any wonder why A.A. Hodge said that Arminianism and Calvinism are both Christian?

All of Hodge’s Arminian brothers in Satan would say AMEN, BROTHER to the statement “No man is lost for the want of an atonement”! That’s exactly what Billy Graham preaches! That’s exactly what Wesley and Finney and Sunday and Moody preached! “No man is lost for the want of an atonement”! They could not have said it better than that!

If no man is lost for the want of an atonement, then, logically, there is an atonement for every single person without exception! You can’t get around it! Popular, mainstream Calvinism is just Arminianism (or salvation conditioned on the sinner) in a different coat. Many want to stress complete discontinuity between Arminianism and Calvinism, such that both are almost living on different theological planets. But when it comes to damnable views concerning Christ’s atonement, popular mainstream Arminianism has a lot in common with popular mainstream Calvinism.