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Here is what I’ve decided to post next from Boettner’s The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination:

“The real difficulty which we face here, is to explain why a God of infinite holiness, power, and wisdom, would have brought into existence a creation in which moral evil was to prevail so extensively; and especially to explain why it should have been permitted to issue in the everlasting misery of so many of His creatures. This difficulty, however, bears not only against Calvinism, but against theism in general; and while other systems are found to be wholly inadequate in their explanation of sin, Calvinism can give a fairly adequate explanation in that it recognizes that God is ultimately responsible since He could have prevented it; and Calvinism further asserts that God has a definite purpose in the permission of every individual sin having ordained it ‘for His own glory'” (p. 251).

Even with the damnable Reformed doctrine of “sovereign permission” (i.e., “‘sovereign’ letting go of ‘sovereignty’) in view, Boettner STILL perceives a “real difficulty” with God ordaining sin for His own glory. Thus far we’ve seen Boettner’s numerous denials of God’s sovereign control and causation of sin pertaining to the Fall of Adam. Boettner certainly and clearly rejects the apostle Paul’s teaching that God’s ordination of sin stems from His own desire to “demonstrate His wrath, and to make His power known” in the vessels of wrath in order “that He make known the riches of His glory on vessels of mercy.” The rejection of the Biblical view of God’s sovereignty is a given among most Calvinists.

This rejection of God’s absolute sovereignty is an integral part of the rich Reformed heritage. To the Reformed mind it is a badge of honor to become Paul’s God-hating objector while attempting to exegete Romans 9:18-23. This tremendous Reformed potsherdian privilege is NOT to be shunned, but to be savored; not to be blushed at, but to be brazenly boasted in. Oh, to be a mighty “free agent,” to be a powerful potsherd who fights with the Potter. Oh, to lie supine on the floor while simultaneously performing eisegetical contortions from one end of the room to the other in hopes that no one will notice that you are Paul’s objector. Oh my. How grand. Come, and welcome to the Reformed Faith. Next Page (39)

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