Schism (3)

The first rule of Arminian ethics: ethics don’t apply to Arminians [by Triablogger, Steve Hays –CD]

[Hays quoting Arminian heretic, Birch:]

Remember now, Hays is the one who just complained about all the Arminians who are always posting against Calvinists and Calvinism. Yet, in typical hypocritical fashion, he cannot keep from responding against Arminians and Arminianism. Oh, the irony!) [End of Birch quote–CD]

[Hays responding to the quote by Birch:]

i) Once again, Birch is fibbing. He’s a chronic fibber. I didn’t object to Arminians posting against Calvinism and Calvinists. Rather, I pointed out that Arminians like Birch have a serious moral and spiritual problem when they shirk their ethical obligation to be truthful. And how does Birch respond when I document the fact that he’s untruthful? He responds untruthfully!

ii) Now, if Birch were an isolated case, we could let it slide. But in my experience, this is characteristic. It’s symptomatic of a larger pattern.

iii) Finally, my objection wasn’t a “complaint.” When Arminians are unethical, that’s not a problem for Calvinism–that’s a problem for Arminians.

If they can’t use honest arguments against Calvinism, then that exposes the intellectual weakness of their own position. It’s getting to the point where Arminian ethics resembles exobiology: a science without a subject.

Steve Hays is one of the Calvinist triabloggers (I think he’s also an assistant to the theologian, John Frame). Billy Birch, we know, mainly from the correspondence Marc had with him (

Presumably Hays believes Birch is a chronically fibbing brother (?), and this type of bickering between certain Calvinist and Arminian brothers in Satan is nothing new (e.g., Toplady vs Wesley; White vs Caner). So why do I even post this? Well, one reason is to point out what a mockery of the Scriptural view of how spiritual brethren are to treat each other. Can you even imagine any of us here on this OTC list of accusing the other of being a “chronic fibber”? Clearly, it is we who truly know what Biblical unity, love, and fellowship is, and NOT those bickering sons of belial who argue, fight, and engage in schism over non-essential doctrines.