Roger E. Olson: Drink deep at Calvinistic wells

This was posted way back in 1999 at (pseudo) “Christianity Today,” so who knows (and who cares, really) if Olson would reaffirm the following sentiments regarding his fellow colleagues in Satan:

To that end I challenge my fellow Arminian evangelicals to do as I have done: Drink deeply at the wells of Reformed evangelical thought and applaud Calvinist Christians for their grasp of God’s glory and the sheer graciousness of salvation. Admire and seek to emulate their love for integrative Christian thinking and their passion for transforming culture. Avoid stereotypes and caricatures of Calvinism, for they do not do justice to its richness and depth. All evangelicals are indebted to the heritage of Calvin, John Knox, Edwards, Whitefield, Spurgeon, and Schaeffer.

To my Calvinist evangelical colleagues, I deliver the call to give us Arminians the benefit of the doubt: Even if you cannot see how we can understand God as “in charge” but not “in control” (sovereign but not all-determining), understand and accept that we do worship God as majestic, all-powerful, and mysterious in beauty and power. Realize, even if you cannot fully understand, that we Arminians do affirm salvation as a sheer gift of grace unearned and unmerited, even though it must be freely accepted. Read Arminius, Wesley, Miley, Wiley, Dale Moody, Grider, Dunning, and Oden. All affirm on biblical grounds that election is conditional and grace resistible, and yet that justification is by grace alone through faith alone, free, full, and unmerited (Roger E. Olson, Don’t hate me because I’m Arminian: My Reformed friends sometimes treat me like the enemy, but actually we need each other).