J-Dunc on doubts & doubting

Some stuff from J-Dunc that blatantly contradicts such Scripture as Romans 8:14-16, Romans 10:1-4, 9-13, Hebrews 11:1, and 1 John 5:1:

“There is no doubting in faith; there may be much doubting in the believer … I have much sympathy with doubts which arise from a high estimate of Christian character … There are, it is to be feared, those who by a latent Popery, ‘the pride which apes humility,’ make their doubts a part, and no small part, of their religion” (John M. Brentnall, Just A Talker: Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan, pp. 58-59).

“There is a fighting within me between faith and unbelief. I find that I cannot do now without assurance, but I am very unwilling to count myself a believer. I cannot lay hold of the promises. I was trying to read the newspaper, but I loathed everything except thoughts of God and Christ” (John M. Brentnall, Just A Talker: Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan, p. 59).

“I am sure that Jesus is the Christ, but I am not sure that I am a Christian … I have never had any doubts about the truths of Christianity, about the sufficiency of Christ’s atonement: my doubts have been about my interest in him, whether I were truly united to him … To a friend who tried to comfort him with the promise ‘When thou passest through the waters,’ etc.: What makes you so confident about me? You cannot search the heart like God — is my Christianity so very apparent?” (John M. Brentnall, Just A Talker: Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan, p. 60).

An article that stuffs a contradicting sock into J-Dunc’s self-righteous mouth:

Faith Is Assurance