J-Dunc on Needs of the Ministry

“This is a time which greatly needs two kinds of ministers: namely — sound, zealous, active, popular preachers, and accomplished, thoroughly read, reflective theologians” (John M. Brentnall, Just A Talker: Sayings of John (‘Rabbi’) Duncan, p. 122).

J-Dunc juxtaposes and separates out two kinds of ministers (it seems), rather than mixing-and-matching them together in various combinations. Anyway the “thoroughly read” and “reflective” part stood out to me. It made me reflect on those whose “thorough-read-ness” reveals that perhaps they need to spend less time with St. Sigmund and more time with St. John. [That last line was borrowed and adapted from the late heretic John W. Robbins of Trinity Foundation “infame.”]