The Richard Rule

“The Almighty God may do what he will, we must do what we might; that is, fit the means to the end, and for an ingenious calling, choose an ingenious person. On the other hand, it is great pity to confine a bright genius to a sordid employment. This is like thrusting those to the oar, that might sit at the helm. God, by giving to some excellent and large capacities, tacitly appoints them to employments suited thereto, if other circumstances concur; for his method of calling men now, is not by audible words, but by bestowing real and suitable gifts. The employment should likewise be fitted to the strength of body. A robust and healthy constitution, where the endowments of the mind are small, is fittest for a laborious calling; and those of weaker, and more tender constitutions, should be placed in easier stations of life” (Richard Steele, The Religious Tradesman).