Travailing Wisdom of Tolerant Calvinism

“Tell me, those desiring to be under Law, do you not hear the Law? For it has been written, Abraham had two sons, one out of the slave woman and one out of the free woman. But, indeed, he of the slave woman has been born according to flesh, and he out of the free woman through the promise, which things are being allegorized, for these are two covenants, one, indeed, from Mount Sinai bringing forth to slavery (which is Hagar, for Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia and corresponds to the present Jerusalem, and she slaves with her children), but the Jerusalem from above is free, who is the mother of us all; for it has been written, Be glad, barren one not bearing; break forth and shout, the one not travailing; for more are the children of the desolate rather than she having the husband. But, brothers, we are children of promise according to Isaac. But then, even as he born according to flesh persecuted the one according to Spirit, so it is also now. But what says the Scripture? Cast out the slave woman and her son, for in no way shall the son of the slave woman inherit with the son of the free woman. Then, brothers, we are not children of a slave woman but of the free woman” (Galatians 4:21-31).

Tolerant Calvinists profess to believe the true gospel and claim that the Jerusalem from above is their Mother. This profession is spuriously made since said Calvinists further confess to being regenerated under a “felicitously inconsistent gospel” (i.e., a false gospel antithetical to the gospel the Lord’s apostles preached; cf. Galatians 1:8-9). Even as he born according to flesh persecuted the one according to Spirit, so it is also now:

“Most…I would assume came to understand the doctrines of grace through a process: a breaking, difficult process, one that has, for many of us, cost us dearly. But it was not that PROCESS that saved us. It seems that some would have us to believe that God births no children, but only mature adults, in the kingdom, in the sense that unless you have a full-orbed, perfect understanding of the relationship of all parts of the gospel to each other that you do not, in fact, know Christ. I am so thankful that is transparently false” (James White; see:  the following

Those born according to flesh toil and travail their way to an empty profession of the true gospel (cf. Romans 10:1-4). They falsely accuse those born according to the Spirit as teaching “that God births no children, but only mature adults.” Clearly God the Holy Spirit births spiritual infants. These tolerant travailers hate the truth that when God births infants He gives them knowledge of His redemptive glory in the face of Jesus Christ as an immediate and inevitable fruit of His regenerating work (2 Corinthians 4:6). The glorious gospel set forth in 2 Corinthians 4:6 is maligned as “a full-orbed, perfect understanding of the relationship of all parts of the gospel.”

This particularly influential spiritual son of Hagar further misrepresents and diverts attention from the essence of the gospel of Christ:

“And, of course, you cannot begin to substantiate the idea that Paul was going about adding ‘limited atonement’ to the list of things that define the gospel proclamation, without which, there is no true faith” (James White).

The focus is placed incorrectly on the EXTENT, when it should be placed on the EFFICACY of the atonement. White’s diversionary tactic aside, it is quite clear to him that a simple concept like the propitiating efficacy of Christ’s atonement (Romans 3:25) does NOT define or constitute the heart of Paul’s gospel proclamation (see the article, “Gospel Atonement”).

The spiritual sons of slavery vehemently affirm their adherence to gospel atonement — but not without querulous qualification:

“Do I call believers to hold to a consistent theology on the doctrine of the atonement? You bet I do. Do I teach it in the fellowship where I serve as an elder? Sure do. Do I believe it important to the honoring of God to believe it? Yes indeed. Do I believe someone who is ignorant of it is lost? Of course not” (James White).

Then came this response to White’s disgusting promiscuity:

“So you would not judge someone who is ignorant of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross as lost. That says it all” (

When does Bunyan’s Worldly Wiseman enter into this? This IS a post about Pilgrim’s Progress isn’t it? Patience, now. Bunyan’s Evangelist reprimands the as yet unconverted Christian:

“The man that met thee is one Worldly Wiseman, and rightly is he so called: partly because he savoureth only the doctrine of this world, (therefore he always goes to the Town of Morality to church); and partly because he loveth that doctrine best, for it saveth him from the Cross. And because he is of this carnal temper, therefore he seeketh to prevent my ways, though right.”

Most tolerant Calvinists would rather be found dead in a ditch than to attend church in the Town of Morality. There would be virtually no congeniality between these Calvinists and Legality (along with his son, Civility). I say “virtually” since despite any animosity between them, they BOTH love and “savoureth only the doctrine of this world” (therefore the world heareth them). James White embodies and epitomizes the tolerant Calvinist “world-savouring” that “saveth him from the [offense of the] Cross.” Bunyan’s Evangelist continues:

“Now there are three things in this man’s counsel that thou must utterly abhor.

1. His turning thee out of the way.
2. His labouring to render the Cross odious to thee.
3. And his setting thy feet in that way that leadeth unto the administration of Death.

As was seen in earlier posts, Bunyan perniciously expanded and extended the ministry of the Holy Spirit to include Christian’s unregenerate and unconverted state of ignorance of the Remedy of burden-removal. Here Bunyan expands even further to include a false holy spirit conviction that allows for a hearkening unto the administration of death (cf. 2 Corinthians 3:1-8).

Similar to Bunyan’s Worldly Wiseman, the tolerant Calvinists are zealous and seemingly indefatigable in their labouring to render the Cross of Christ odious to us — to whom not even for an hour did we yield in subjection, that the truth of the gospel might continue. Next Page

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