Gospel implications of Creationism

As written by Marc in the previous post concerning things such as “intelligent design” and “creationism”:

But what if creationism were true? This is the main reason why evolutionists will stick to their theory no matter how bankrupt it is. If creationism were true, then the Bible would be true. And if the Bible were true, then the person and work of Jesus Christ would be true. And evolutionists want none of that. They want none of what the Bible calls THE GOSPEL. The gospel is God’s promise to save His people conditioned on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ alone. Jesus Christ, the God-Man Mediator, came to this earth as a representative and substitute for a certain number of people that God the Father had chosen before He created the world. Jesus Christ lived a perfectly sinless life. When He was crucified, all the sins of His people were imputed to (legally charged to the account of) Him, and He suffered the just punishment that His people deserved. He took their place. And when God regenerates a person in time, the perfect righteousness of Jesus Christ is imputed to that person, and that person comes into fellowship with God, who only fellowships with those who are as perfectly righteous as He is. In their own character and conduct, God’s people still sin. But in the eyes of God’s law and justice, their sins have been paid for, and they are clothed with the perfect righteousness of their substitute, Jesus Christ. All for whom Jesus Christ lived and died will go to heaven. All for whom Jesus Christ did not live and die will go to hell. It is the work of Jesus Christ that makes the only difference between salvation and damnation. Jesus Christ’s work demands and ensures the salvation of everyone whom He represented. The evolutionists hate to hear this. And so do most people who call themselves Christians. But, by a miracle of God’s grace, He regenerates some of those who used to hate Him and His gospel, and causes them to believe His gospel.