A chimp-god?

A W.G.T. Shedd footnote from his “Sermons to the Natural Man” (courtesy of project Gutenberg):

“Footnote 3: Infidelity is constantly changing its ground. In the 18th century, the skeptic very generally took the position of Lord Herbert of Cherbury, and maintained that the light of reason is very clear, and is adequate to all the religious needs of the soul. In the 19th century, he is now passing to the other extreme, and contending that man is kindred to the ape, and within the sphere of paganism does not possess sufficient moral intelligence to constitute him responsible. Like Luther’s drunken beggar on horseback, the opponent of Revelation sways from the position that man is a god, to the position that he is a chimpanzee.”

Citing relatively influential unbelievers such as Shedd serves (or has utility) not only as an ad hominem to confute those who have been unduly influenced by Shedd; but serves also as an apt  response to skeptics of similar mind with Herbert.