Girardeau’s Gumption

The following quote is from Girardeau’s Calvinism and Evangelical Arminianism:

“God did not create men in order that they should sin and be damned and so glorify his justice; for he is not the author of sin, but man, in the first instance, sinned and fell by the free and unavoidable decision of his own will. … Unless, therefore, the Calvinistic doctrine could be fairly charged with teaching that God causes the sinful principle, it cannot be held to teach that he causes the sinful acts which it naturally produces. On the contrary, it maintains that the principle of sin in the nature of man is self-originated. Its consequences are obviously referred to the same origin: all sin, original and actual is affirmed to be caused by man himself. God, in reprobating the sinner for his sins, cannot be said to cause his sins” (Girardeau, Calvinism & Evangelical Arminianism, pp. 167, 189; underlining mine–CD).

Clearly this is Girardeau’s enunciation that when it comes to the Fall and the origination of sinful actions man IS God. For it is NOT God’s decision (decree) that makes things “unavoidable” but man’s “free and unavoidable decision” that does. Girardeau’s gumption accords with Satan’s lie: “You shall be as God.” Evidently another “creator” is needed in order to explain (or explain away) the true origin of sin.