A Giant Ignoramus

Christian meets up with Faithful and they begin discoursing about their past experiences, from the City of Destruction, up to the present. Faithful talks of how Christian was “the talk of the town” after he left and also how Pliable was mocked by some as a turncoat to his profession. Faithful also mentions how Wanton railed on him for rejecting her whorish ape of Potiphar’s wife. A bit later he mentions a man named Shame whom he met in the Valley of Humiliation:

Christian: Why, what did he say to you?

Faithful: What? why, he objected against religion itself. He said it was a pitiful, low, sneaking business for a man to mind religion. He said, that a tender conscience was an unmanly thing; and that for a man to watch over his words and ways, so as to tie up himself from that hectoring liberty that the brave spirits of the times accustomed themselves unto, would make him the ridicule of the times.

He objected also, that but few of the mighty, rich, or wise, were ever of my opinion; nor any of them neither, before they were persuaded to be fools, and to be of a voluntary fondness to venture the loss of all for nobody knows what.

Thus saith many a self-proclaimed agnostic who unwittingly admit to being a giant ignoramus. Next Page

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