Overestimated Popularity

Excerpted from Shedd’s Orthodoxy & Heterodoxy:

“A very common way of defending heresy or error is to direct attention to its popularity. One preacher who departs from the evangelical faith is drawing a crowd, while another who proclaims the old and simple faith of the gospel has only an ordinary audience, or perhaps a thin one. When the former is arraigned before the proper authorities, and is asked why he has violated his ordination vows, with many persons it is thought to be a conclusive answer to say that his church is crowded, and that the pews are all rented. The small audience of the orthodox minister is pointed at as proof that orthodoxy is antiquated and useless, and that the new doctrine is what the times demand. Public notoriety is thus made the criterion of Christianity” (Shedd).

Shedd’s comments bring to mind “The attractive theology of James White”:


Tolle, lege!