House Of Lechery, Circus Of Fury

The epithet House of Lechery is applicable to refraining from breaking the 7th commandment by watching sexual lewdness on the television screen. Circus of Fury applies to abstaining from lusts which war against the soul as well as refusing entertainment from those pretending to strike with the furious fists of wickedness (cf.Isaiah 58:4; Psalm 11:5). Psalm 101:3 — “I will set no wicked thing before my eyes; I have hated the work of those who turn aside; it shall not fasten upon me” — applies to the 7th as well as the 6th commandment of God.

“Tertullian calls the playhouse, The chapel of venery, the house of lechery, the consistory of uncleanness. And in his Apologeticus adversus gentes, ‘We renounce your spectacles and stageplays, even as we reject their original, which we know to have had their conception from superstition; we have nothing at all to do with the fury of your Circus, with the dishonesty of the theatre; we come not at all to your plays.'”

The above (or perhaps similar) quote can be found in such works (not a blanket-endorsement of said works) as:

Robert Turnbull’s The theatre: in its influence upon literature, morals, and religion

William S. Plumer’s The Law of God as Contained in the Ten Commandments

James Durham’s The law unsealed: or, A practical exposition of the Ten Commandments ; with A resolution of several momentous questions and cases of conscience