Keep Riding The Bull

A poem I wrote a while back (this poem is also found in the underlined and bolded link below):

I believe it to be redundantly right and not tediously trite;
To reiterate the truth that Jesus Christ has the majestic might;
To save all those whom He represented, those sheep for whom He died.
For He ever lives to intercede for them till they all be glorified.
Many arrows of gospel truth are in the Scripture quiver;
So I’ll keep on riding this bull like I’m Chris Shivers.

In the vain speech of many “grace” has the name;
but “instrumental ‘non-meritorious’ conditions” have the game.
What a self-righteousness establishing shame,
for those who call Jesus “The Mighty God” by name;
Yet in their very next breath this great name is denounced and denied;
When they affirm that for those in hell He was “in some sense” crucified.

They say, “We believe in irresistible grace don’t you know?”
Yet “graciously-enabled-condition-meeting” steals the show.
They must repent of this antichristian and autosoteric heist;
And believe that salvation alone belongs to Jesus Christ!
The antidote for these conditionalists is regeneration;
They have not submitted to the righteousness of the Son.