An Iconoclastic Ditty

This iconoclastic ditty debuted in Exalt Thyself As The Eagle (which is chapter 34 of my book review of Boettner’s The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination). It was inspired in part by Obadiah 1:4, along with Loraine Boettner and friends. It is written about Boettner and his Calvinist minions heading the charge against the true and living God who has mercy on whom He will and hardens whom He will (Romans 9:18):

On the wings of presumption they soar so high in the sky.
Brazenly exalted to the stars as if they were the Most High.
This King they would not have them to rule.
“This King does not exist!,” cry out these fools.
Suppressing the knowledge of His sovereign redemptive glory all around.
Though they set their nest between the stars, He will bring them down.