Currency Of Compromise

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Point #10 of J.C. Ryle’s “Warnings to the churches”:


“And no fact in Church history is more clearly proved than this – that false doctrine has never ceased to be the plague of Christendom for the last eighteen centuries (now twenty-one centuries). Looking forward with the eye of a prophet. St. Paul might well say ‘I fear :’ ‘I fear not merely the corruption of your morals, but of your minds.’ The plain truth is that false doctrine has been the chosen engine which Satan has employed in every age to stop the progress of the Gospel of Christ. Finding himself unable to prevent the Fountain of Life being opened, he has laboured incessantly to poison the streams which flow from it. If he could not destroy it, he has too often neutralized its usefulness by addition, subtraction, or substitution. In a word he has ‘corrupted men’s minds.’”

This reminds me of this “If I were the Devil” conversation. To adapt the sentiments of one horrendous vocalist. What has befuddled most professing Christians is the nature of his game.

Ryle with point #11:


“Controversy is an odious thing; but there are days when it is a positive duty. Peace is an excellent thing; but, like gold, it may be bought too dear. Unity is a mighty blessing; but it is worthless if it is purchased at the cost of truth. Once more I say, Open your eyes and be on your guard.”

How ironic is this! Ryle, YOU are the man! You are the one who has bought the gold of peace at too dear a price. You are one of MANY Calvinists who have sold the truth of efficacious atonement down The Take-It-Or-Leave-It River!

Since Ryle had the Bible, he also had the Price Of Truth right in front of his face. But Ryle and other tolerant Calvinists play the wage-scorning harlot by bribing notorious Christ-haters with the currency of efficacious atonement compromise.

“How weak is your heart, declares the Lord Jehovah, since you do all these, the work of a woman, an overbearing prostitute, in that you built your mound in the head of every highway, and you make your high place in every open place; yet you have not been as a prostitute, even scorning wages. Like the adulterous wife, instead of her husband, she takes strangers. They give a gift to all harlots, but you give your gifts to all your lovers and bribe them to come to you from all around for your fornication. And in you was the opposite from those women in your fornications, since no one whores after you, and in your giving wages, and hire is not given to you. In this you are opposite” (Ezekiel 16:30-34).

There is a oft-told story of Charles Simeon and John Wesley that is quite heart-warming to many promiscuous Calvinists (you can google it if you would like further stomach-turning detail). For the purpose of this post, it is enough for me to say that it was not John Wesley that went whoring after Charles Simeon, but Simeon after Wesley. The same is true of most Calvinists who sacrifice Essential Gospel Doctrine on the Arminian Altar. They go a-whoring under every green Arminian tree.