Don’t You Find It Ironic?

Calvinist-Reformed: Don’t you ‘outside the campers’ find it ironic that despite your shrill tirades against me, you get your theological vocabulary from me?

Christian: Eh?

Calvinist-Reformed: What I mean is this. Take the Greek word that is translated “predestinate” in English. A proper understanding of that word originates with me and my rich reformed heritage.Yer welcome.

Christian: Uh, okay.

Calvinist-Reformed: You would borrow — steal, rather — my hermeneutical hammer and then proceed to thwack me upon the pate with it. A rather winsome and thankful fellow, I do say.

Christian: Interesting observations. But I must inform you, my dear bloke, of your blissful arrogance. It is you that has hijacked and distorted Biblical words or concepts that originate with and belong to God. You, Mr. Calvinist-Reformed, have suppressed Biblical truth in unrighteousness, thereby demonstrating that you are without an excuse. You are anapologeĢ„tos, as Paul put it in Romans 1:20.

Calvinist-Reformed: Wha? — I mea — How da? —