Dr. Curt Daniel On John Knox

Regarding John Knox, Dr. Curt Daniel writes:

[On the 1560 Scots Confession] “…mainly the work of John Knox. The popular story is that he wrote it in only 4 days. It is a lovely and powerful confession, full of beauty and strength. It is second only to the Westminster Standards in influence in Scottish theology” (Curt Daniel, History and Theology of Calvinism, p. 34).

Daniel further writes:

“John Knox (1514-1572). Scotland. Former [Roman Catholic] priest, became the leader of the Scottish Reformation. A fiery preacher anc courageous opponent of Romanist apostacy and tyranny. Spent [1.5] years as galley slave. Studied under Calvin (1553-1559). Main author of the Scots Confession (1560). Wrote History of the Reformation of Religion within the Realm of Scotland and A Treatise on Predestination” (Curt Daniel, History and theology of Calvinism in the appendices section: Heroes of the reformation).