Tyranny Of Worldly Affection

Not a blanket-endorsement of Thomas Manton as a true Christian:

“Many a covetous man doth shame many a godly moan. Religion is a better thing; shall lust do more with them than the love of Christ with thee? Lust that will make a man labour in the very fire, though it be for a thing of nought, to deny himself of the necessary support and conveniences of life. Consider the tyranny of worldly affection. Certainly we should have a stronger impulse, for we have a better reward; we are acted with a more mighty spirit. It is true, in carnal men it is not self-denial so much as the obstinacy of self-will and stomach. The kingdom of Satan is divided; self-will is set up against self-delight or ease. Nay, in pleasure, which doth seem of all vanities to be most soft and effeminate, yet men can deny themselves for their pleasures, their credit, estate, their conscience, and all sacrificed to the gullet of that great idol and Moloch-god, their belly” (Thomas Manton, A Treatise Of Self-Denial).