A Calvinist Scoff Suppressant

“A scorner seeks wisdom, but finds it not, yet knowledge is swift to the discerning” (Proverbs 14:6).

Huh. Perhaps he’s not quite so honest as he would like us to believe. I was thinking of the agnostic or irreligious skeptic here. But what about the Calvinist skeptic? He seeketh the truth of efficacious atonement which is the power and wisdom of God. But findeth it not. How come? He pores prayerfully and painstakingly over his books for years on end. He wrestles and debates incessantly with God about His sovereign prerogative to save whom He will and damn whom He will.

Further, he scorns the regenerate babe in Christ for the “arrogant” assertion that the truth of the gospel of Christ is easy to understand and is understood easily. The Calvinist skeptic scoffs and sneers at how swiftly the knowledge of God’s redemptive glory in the face of Jesus Christ is revealed to the now discerning babes in Christ.

It is alleged by popular Calvinistic skeptics that believing in Jesus is “a breaking, difficult process.” But from a thoughtful perusal of that bolded link, the discerning person will see that this “process” spoken of was nowhere near difficult nor breaking enough. Clearly the antidote to this Calvinistic skepticism is regeneration, of which repentance from dead works and belief in Jesus are immediate and inevitable results.