Doubting Thomas

“(1) Divine knowledge. There is no going to heaven blindfold. In the creation, light was the first thing that was made; so it is in the new creation. Knowledge is the pillar of fire that goes before us, and lights us into the heavenly kingdom. It is light that must bring us to the ‘inheritance in light.’ Col. 1:12.

(2) Faith. Faith ends in salvation. ‘Receiving the end of your faith, salvation.’ 1 Pet. 1:9. He who believes, is as sure to go to heaven as if he were in heaven already. Acts 16:31. Faith touches Christ; and can he miss of heaven who touches Christ? Faith unites to Christ; and shall not the members be where the head is? All have not the same degree of faith; we must distinguish between the direct act of faith and the reflex act of affiance and assurance; yet the least seed and spark of faith gives an undoubted title to the heavenly kingdom. I am justified because I believe, not because I know I believe” (Thomas Watson, The Lord’s Prayer, p. 125; underlining mine–CD).

In brief, the underlined portion of Watson contradicts Hebrews 11:1. See the article: Faith Is Assurance.