Calvinist Angel Of Light

“The priests did not say, Where is Jehovah? And they who handle the Law did not know Me. And the shepherds rebelled against Me; and the prophets prophesied by Baal, and went after things not profitable” (Jeremiah 2:8).

Some excerpts from John Calvin on the above verse:

“The name of prophet is sacred; but Jeremiah in this place, as in other places, calls those prophets (contrary to the real fact) who were nothing but impostors; for God had taken from them all the light of divine truth. But as they were held still in esteem by the people, as though they were prophets, the Prophet concedes this title to them, derived from their office and vocation. We do the same in the present day; we call those bishops and prelates, and primates and fathers, who under the papacy boast that they possess the pastoral office, and yet we know that some of them are wolves, and some are dumb dogs” (John Calvin).

And we do the same in the present day with regard to John Calvin:

We also do the same in this present day with many others:

The Heterodox Halls of Tolerant Calvinism pulsate with doggish demagoguery and wily wolfery.

“Nor does the Prophet insist on a name; for it may have been that these false teachers pretended to profess the name of the eternal God, though falsely. But God is no sophist: there is then no reason for the Papists to think that they are at this day unlike these ancient impostors, because they profess the name of the only true God. It has always been so. Satan has not begun for the first time at this day to transform himself into an angel of light; but all his teachers in all ages have presented their poison, even all their errors and fallacies, in a golden cup. Though, then, these prophets boasted that they were sent from above, and confidently affirmed that they were the servants of the God of Abraham, it was yet all an empty profession; for they mingled with the truth those corruptions which they had derived from the ungodly errors of heathen nations” (John Calvin).

Because Jeremiah 2:8 does not mention “Calvinists” (who also emptily profess the true God) these Reformed sophists think they are quite unlike the ancient impostors implicated in Jeremiah’s day. The fashionable Calvinists in our day present their Puritan Reformed poison in a platinum cup. But we will not succumb to even a small sip. To riff off certain of their own poets:

Calvinist Angel of Light may glow in the night.
But only brings damnable darkness to the soul.