Flight Out Of Babylon

When the unregenerate elect are regenerated by the Spirit of God, they out of Babylon take swift flight.
Knowledge of His redemptive glory and grace is immediately and inevitably seen in Christ’s face; it gives them spiritual sight (2 Corinthians 4:3-6).

Unlike the tolerant Calvinist Sons of Hagar we do not dally with this Whore, or try to Reform her (Galatians 4:22-30).
While we are rejoicing at our Lord’s trampling of this Strumpet, these Calvinists will mourn her.

Like Jeremiah we speak against their wicked Queen (cf. Jeremiah 26).
They stand aghast at our Heterodoxy Hall of Shame, cast up mire, and us do they blame;
For being too mean, surly, and unduly harsh. O, why?
They are the timorous tinder trying to hinder, says I.

Some tolerant ones are trying with pseudo-pious crying.
To force our return to the furnace of iron (Jeremiah 11:4).
Others threaten us with a different tack:

‘Against the Whore’s Daughters’ Church you are turning your back. Against the Ministers of Satan you are talking defiant and belligerent smack.’

Others laugh like a horse till they are hoarse.
And with frivolity, jollity, hilarity, and mirth, sing:

‘So the Church has been false since the time of her birth?’
Ensconced in the Devil’s lie, they do this presumptuous and vainglorious drive-by.

These filthy flatterers jettison true gospel medicine.
And imagine that this will not be the end of them.
‘The  very heart of the gospel is an adiaphoran bore;’
Say these uxorious dolts benighted by the Whore.

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