Wilson’s Brother Zed

On May 29, 2014 Doug Wilson posted an excerpt from a book of his entitled Against the Church. Wilson’s blog post was called “Dealing With Brother Zed.” Now Wilson may not believe someone like Zed is truly regenerate, but that would be quite inconsistent with the rest of his pernicious theology.

“Corrupt fruit means corrupt tree, and good fruit means a good tree. Some false teachers have to be examined closely because they come in sheep’s clothing. But your reading of the story tells you something is ‘off’ — ‘my, what long ears you have . . .’ Now when you have obediently applied this instruction from the Lord, and you no longer tune into Brother Zed’s Prosperity Hour, you are doing so on the supposition that he is a wolf. Why? Because Jesus told you to” (Douglas Wilson, Against the Church, p. 126).

Come on, Dougy. You make clear from your other writings that to judge a professing Christian unregenerate (e.g., a wolf) is to insist on “tiny cerebral works” as “preconditions for salvation.” Why pick on your “Brother Zed”? Is not judging your felicitously inconsistent “Brother Zed” an unsightly exhibition of the Calvinistic sectarian dross, as opposed to the seemly irenic and truly catholic (small “c”) Calvinistic silver?

And lastly, why admonish with Scripture like Matthew 7:15-20, seeing thou hatest the instruction to judge righteous judgement, and castest God’s Words behind thee?