Laughter And Fear Tempered

“You love all devouring words, O deceitful tongue! God will likewise break you forever; He shall take you away, even pluck you from your tent and uproot you out of the land of the living. Selah. And the righteous shall see and fear; yea, they will laugh over him, saying, Behold, the man who did not set God as his strength; but he trusted in his many riches; he was strong in his destruction” (Psalm 52:4-7).

The righteous shall see and FEAR and they shall LAUGH. A balance of laughter at the ridiculousness of unbelief and the trembling and filial fear of the Triune God who ALONE wrought our redemption and made us to differ. The CCF II.D.2.g. comes to mind:

Contrary to the aspersions of the enemies of God, this doctrine of reprobation does not make believers exalt themselves over other men; instead, it humbles them and causes them to tremble before Almighty God, thankful that He has graciously numbered them among the elect rather than the reprobate. [Rom 9:15-16,23,29; 1Co 4:7; 2Th 2:11-13]