The River Adiaphora

The founder of the Orthodox Presbyterian Synagogue of Satan, J. Gresham Machen, writes:

“As I was walking through the streets of one of our large cities a year so ago I saw, not an altar with this inscription, ‘To An Unknown God,’ but a church with a huge sign in front of it to the effect: ‘Not A Member? Come on in and help make this a better community.’ That is modern religion with a vengeance. It was an appeal not to sinners to seek salvation at the hands of God, but to persons, whose purposes are already all that they should be, to use religion as a mere means to accomplish their humanitarian ends. Many preachers and laymen today are busily engaged in calling the righteous to repentance. And it is just as futile an effort now as it was when our Lord first recited it in the days of His flesh” (J. Gresham Machen, God Transcendent, pp. 24-25).

Those familiar with Machen’s delusional renderings of damnable heresy in Christianity & Liberalism and The Virgin Birth of Christ know he would NOT say that any of these preachers or laymen are lost, or that these “churches” are in fact Synagogues of Satan. The two aforementioned works of Machen are alleged to be “polemical defenses” of the Christian faith. But in both of these supposed “defenses” Machen sells the virgin birth of Christ, the deity of Christ, and the plenary inspiration of the Scriptures down the Adiaphoran River. In the diabolical religion of Machen, no essential gospel doctrine is safe — ALL doctrines constituting the core of the gospel are up for grabs.