John Bunyan on Justification

The following heretical quotes come from John Bunyan’s work, “The Pharisee and the Publican”:

“So then, justification before God is one thing, and justification in mine own eyes is another; not that these are two justifications, but the same righteousness by which I stand justified before God, may be seen of God, when I am ignorant of it: yea, for the sake of it I may be received, pardoned, and accounted righteous of him, and yet I may not understand it.  Yea, further, he may proceed in the way of blessing to bless me with additional blessings, and yet I be ignorant of it” (John Bunyan).


“That justification before God is one thing, and justification to the understanding and conscience is another. Now, I am treating of justification before God, not of it as to man’s understanding and conscience: and I say, a man may be justified before God, even then when himself knoweth nothing thereof; Isa. xl. 2; Mark ii. 5” (John Bunyan).

Bunyan blatantly contradicts the clarity of Romans 10:1-4. Bunyan is saying that it is possible for a man to be justified by a righteousness he is ignorant of. God through the apostle Paul says that such a man IS seeking to establish his own righteousness. Bunyan, with a whore’s forehead, brazenly contradicts this and says that at least some who are ignorant of the righteousness of God are justified, and NOT seeking to establish their own righteousness.