Dabney’s Impious Presumptions

Heretic R.L. Dabney making exceptions to the Mark 16:16 and Romans 1:16 rule:

“There were once two Jewish babies, John and Judas; John an elect infant, Judas a non-elect one. Had John the Baptist died of croup he would have been redeemed without personal faith and repentance; but he was predestinated to live to man’s estate, so he had to be saved through effectual calling. Judas, being a non-elect infant, was also predestinated to live to and receive his own fate freely by his own contumacy. Presbyterians do not believe that the Bible or their Confession [WCF 10.3–CD] teaches that there are non-elect infants dying in infancy and so damned. Had they thought this of their Confession, they would have changed this section long ago” (R.L. Dabney, The Five Points Of Calvinism, p. 48).

So here’s Dabney denying that the gospel is the power of God to salvation to EVERYONE BELIEVING (Romans 1:16). All of the elect without exception — from the elect infant, to the elect mentally handicapped person — will be regenerated and saved by Jesus Christ and will immediately be given knowledge and faith in Him (2 Corinthians 4:6). Dabney approaches Scripture with a false premise or presumption regarding the mental capacity of infants. He assumes that infants are not able to believe due to their supposed lack of mental capacity or to the “fact” that infants cannot hear and understand anything while inside their mother’s womb. But Jesus Christ Himself obliterates this pseudo-scientific-psychological nonsense by saying that infants and/or little children ARE ABLE TO RECEIVE the kingdom of God (see Luke 18:17). And if this were not enough, we also have the infant John the Baptist in addition to the passages already mentioned (e.g., Mark 16:16; Romans 1:16). John leaped in the womb because he understood (Luke 1:41-44).