Tim Challies on Sproul’s Chosen By God

On June 7, 2015 Tim Challies posted “10 Great Quotes from Chosen by God.” Tim began his post like this:

“Sproul’s book Chosen by God is undoubtedly one of the most important books ever written on the subject of God’s sovereignty in salvation. Certainly it is the only one that has sold 200,000 copies! It has been invaluable in helping me, and so many others, navigate a very tricky topic.”

Around 8 months ago is when I posted a link to my review of Sproul’s book in the comments section in response to Challies’ post. Here is how that went for the most part.

Chris Duncan: A critical review of Sproul’s exceedingly popular book: https://agrammatos.wordpress.com/2012/09/16/chosen-by-god-table-of-contents/

serloren: By the opening lines of your attack on Sproul/Calvinists alone, your arrogance and sanctimonious spirit are downright palpable, and in no way glorify God before the world. However, you would quite possibly make a very successful politician.

I would encourage you sir to soberly, carefully, and HUMBLY consider the spiritual state of your own heart and motivations – climb down off your pedestal, and instead hoist high the cross of our greatest and only hope: Christ.

Job 35:13 – Surely God will not hear vanity, neither will the Almighty regard it.

Since the very beginning, pride has been our root problem that all other sins sprout out of.

Chris Duncan: On the contrary serloren. My comments are quite Biblical and forthright. Please deal with my reasoning FROM Scripture that defends the glory of God against the purveyors of tumultuous teapot Calvinism: https://agrammatos.wordpress.com/2015/04/25/tumultuous-teapot-calvinism/

Steve Sanders: My friend, because text alone leaves out so much I want you to know that I say this with great care and compassion for you: For all your rhetoric in the review you linked above your comments exhibit significant spiritual immaturity. You write with virtually no humility and little understanding. Often you resort to name calling and sarcasm while you make giant leaps and connect dots that shouldn’t be connected. I would encourage you, dear friend, to seek out the most mature and humble brother you can find and allow yourself to be disciple. God bless and be well.

Chris Duncan: Steve — an assertion does not an argument make.

dolph50: Chris, I believe the opening sentence of the fifth paragraph of your assessment of Sproul’s struggle does great damage to the integrity of your review.

Chris Duncan [responding to dolph50–CD]: dolph50 — Sproul’s struggle is the struggle of the Apostle’s mutinous objector in Romans 9:19-21. Sproul and Paul’s objector are a bit confused, perplexed, and befuddled regarding the Creator-creature distinction.

dolph50 [responding to my response above–CD] In the first statement in that paragraph you use unbiblical and anti-gospel as if you have already given evidence for this and established it as fact. You haven’t. Your bias shows from the start. That is why it does great damage.

[dolph50 is referring to where I wrote that Sproul’s head-heart distinction (cf. http://www.outsidethecamp.org/efl141.htm) was unbiblical and antigospel, which it is. My bias is based on Scripture. As a prime example, there is no such monstrosity as believing the gospel with your head, but not with your heart –CD]

Nicki Ann: Chris: Tim does not delete a lot from this blog but I so hope he does delete your post and give others opportunity to review Sproul’s work for themselves without the stumbling block of your work. I’ll bet your “The Wicked Westminster Confession” is also just a joy to behold.

Chris Duncan: Hello Nicki Ann. I would encourage others to soberly, carefully, and deliberately consider such verses as John 12:43 and 2 Corinthians 10:12. Truth is not ascertained by counting the quantity of noses and by respecting and fearing the quality of men’s faces.

It appeared that what Nicki Ann so hoped for was granted. All of my comments and responses were removed from Challies’ website.