No One Can Know?

[Posts in “fictional conversations” are sometimes (but not always) adapted and edited from non-fictional correspondence. They are usually lightly edited with intelligibility in mind.]

Agnostic:  I respect someone who posits that no one can know what is on the Almighty’s mind FAR MORE than I respect those who would presume to know, and further presume to speak for Him.

Christian:  Since you are claiming to KNOW THAT NO ONE CAN KNOW what is on the Almighty’s mind, you ARE presuming to speak for Him.  You are claiming (with metaphysical certitude, it seems) to KNOW that God is a being who does not or cannot (for whatever reason) communicate His mind to man.  But how do you KNOW this? Where did you get or obtain this KNOWLEDGE about God?

Agnostic:  Do you claim or posit that the mind of God can be known?  Or that God is a being who communicates the entirety of His mind to man?  Have you any direct, testable evidence that would support this position?

Christian:  I posit that your own words chide you to respect yourself “FAR LESS” since you are identifying yourself with those who presume to KNOW something (NOT everything) of the mind of God. You presume this KNOWLEDGE about God without “any direct, testable evidence that would support this position.”  You and I BOTH are making truth claims about the mind of God.  But evidently only one of us is willing to admit it.

Agnostic:  Are you saying that I am an inconsistent agnostic or something?

Christian:  Quite.  You are PRESUMPTUOUSLY proclaiming to KNOW that “NO ONE CAN KNOW.”  You presume to speak for Him by saying that God is unable or unwilling to reveal His mind.  You are blithely unaware that your position is hypocritical and self-refuting.