Numbers and Novelty

“God hath given us the true touchstone, His sacred Word, which can only manifest the true church…The Papists brag themselves the true ancient church, and tax ours of novelty, of heresy.  But we justly tell them, that…they usurp the name of the church, yet persecute it.  For the truth of our church, we appeal to the Scriptures. … It is fit the holy church should be proved rather by divine oracles, than human precepts or traditions.  We stand not upon numbers, (which yet we bless God, are not small), but upon truth” (Thomas Adams).

[Note:  I am not endorsing or promoting Thomas Adams as a true Christian when I quote from him.]

This quote from Adams brings to mind the fashionable false charges about novelty and numbers as they relate to discerning and ascertaining truth (i.e., the true gospel).  Evidently MANY false religionists (ESPECIALLY those Reformed persons who vainly profess adherence to the doctrines of “sovereign grace”) have absolutely no problem with sacrificing the redemptive glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ on the altar of praise and admiration from unregenerate men.  From The Christian Confession of Faith (CCF):

A. The Church is an entity created by God by the power of the gospel with Jesus Christ as her Head and Husband, to the praise of the glory of His grace. Wherever the true Church is found, the true gospel is always found. [Psa 2:6; 46:4-5; 48:1-2,11-13; 50:2; 99:2; 102:13-21; 111:1; 118:22; Isa 2:3; 28:16; 33:5-6; 35:8-10; 52:7; 62:12; Mat 16:18; Act 20:28; Rom 12:4-5; 1Co 12:24,27; Eph 1:6,13; 2:20-22; 5:23-32; Col 1:18; 1Th 1:1; 2Th 1:1; 1Ti 3:15; Tit 1:9; 2:15; Jam 1:21; Rev 21:12] (

The true gospel — the Person and Work of Jesus Christ — is THE touchstone for truth.  THAT is how truth is discerned.  It is NOT discerned by the immensity of noses counted and faces respected.

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