Truth Tersely Stated

The gospel is the good news of salvation conditioned SOLELY on the atoning blood and imputed righteousness of Jesus Christ. It shows how God can be just to justify the ungodly. It shows God as a just God and a Savior. Sinners who believe this gospel will NOT boast in anything except in the cross of Christ (if you believe that Christ died for everyone without exception then you boast in yourself plus a false christ). They will believe that their salvation was NOT conditioned on anything proceeding from their person (whether or not “spiritually-enabled”). They will believe that Christ’s propitiating blood and imputed righteousness ALONE demands their salvation. They will realize that only those who believe the gospel are saved and will NOT speak peace to anyone who does not believe this gospel. Believe this gospel and repent of your idolatry and dead works.

Please see the following for further unpacking and expounding of this tersely stated TRUTH (John 14:6).

Gospel Atonement

Gospel Resurrection

Gospel Repentance