Enterprising Class of Theologians

W.G.T. Shedd commenting on Origen (underlining mine):

At the same time he [Origen] was always ready to attempt the difficult task of reconciling opposing views, and particularly of detecting and conceding the element of truth in the mass of heterodoxy, in order to conciliate the errorist, and carry him up to that higher orthodox position where the whole truth is to be seen without the mixture of foreign and contradictory opinions.

Origen belonged to that enterprising and adventurous class of theologians, who attempt more than they accomplish, and more, perhaps, than the human mind is able to accomplish. In all his controversies — and his whole life was a controversy — he seems to have been actuated by a single steady theological endeavour, the endeavour, namely, to exhibit the doctrinal system of the Church as the solvent, not only for all the problems that press upon the general human mind, but for all the doubts, difficulties, and errors of heresy itself. He strove with an energy of intellect, and a wealth of learning, that made him the greatest man of his century, to show the heretic that the scattered atoms of truth in his radically defective apprehension of Christianity were to be found in greater fulness [sic], in the orthodox system, and, what was of still more importance, in juster proportions and more legitimate connectionsand that only in the common faith of the church, was that all-comprehending and organic unity of system to be found, in which truth receives a developement [sic] in all legitimate directions, while no single constituent part is so magnified or distorted as to become, virtually, the sum-total. That Origen did not succeed in this grand and noble endeavour, is evident from the fact that both parties claimed him as their authority” (W.G.T. Shedd, A History of Christian Doctrine).

This brings to mind Charles Hodge’s spiritual fornication with an obvious God-hater in Friedrich Schleiermacher (see HERE for documentation). Perhaps Hodge’s shameless fornication with Schleiermacher could be seen as a grand, noble, and well-meaning “attempt [at] the difficult task of reconciling [Schleiermacher’s] opposing views, and [Hodge’s] particularly [pious and irenic attempt] of detecting and conceding the element of truth in [Schleiermacher’s] mass of heterodoxy, in order to conciliate [this] errorist, and carry him up to that higher orthodox position.”

This “element of truth” being Schleiermacher’s belief that “Jesus is ‘God'” in a pantheising context that denied the personality of God.

Who in this diverse Reformed Tradition commit such blatant, knowing, deliberate, and brazen fornication as Charles Hodge did with Schleiermacher (other than a young and impressionable Gresham Machen with Wilhelm Herrmann)?

Gresham Machen and Charles Hodge are among those who saw vain visions of peace for obvious God-haters. Machen and Hodge said to those despising the Lord, You shall have peace; and to every one that walked after the imagination of his own heart, No evil shall come upon you (Jeremiah 23:17).

“My hand shall be against the prophets who see vanity, and who divine a lie. They shall not be in the assembly of My people, and they shall not be written in the writing of the house of Israel, and they shall not enter into the land of Israel. And you shall know that I [am] the Lord Jehovah. Because, even because they made My people go astray, saying, Peace! and there [was] no peace. And he builds a wall, and, behold, [others] daubed it [with] lime. Say to those daubing [with] lime, Yea, it will fall. There will be a flooding rain; and you, O hailstones, shall fall, and a tempestuous wind shall break. And, behold, when the wall has fallen, it shall not be said to you, Where [is] the daubing with which you have daubed? So the Lord Jehovah says this: I will even break in My fury [with] a tempestuous wind. And there shall be a flooding rain in My anger, and hailstones in fury, to consume it. And I will break down the wall that you have daubed [with] lime and bring it down to the ground; yea, I will bare its base. And it shall fall, and you will be consumed in its midst. And you shall know that I [am] Jehovah. And I will complete My wrath in the wall, and in those who daubed it [with] lime. And I will say to you, The wall [is] not; and, Those who daubed [are] not. The prophets of Israel who are prophesying concerning Jerusalem, and who see visions of peace for her, even [there is] no peace, declares the Lord Jehovah” (Ezekiel 13:9-16).

“Everyone transgressing and not abiding in the doctrine of Christ does not have God. The [one] abiding in the doctrine of Christ, this one has the Father and the Son. If anyone comes to you and does not bear this doctrine, do not receive him into the house, and do not speak a greeting to him. For the [one] speaking a greeting shares in his evil works” (2 John 9-11).

Speaking peace apart from the only ground of peace is apparently a longstanding tradition among the Calvinist-Reformed.