Comments, Riffs, and Reviews

Some reviews of sorts:

Chosen by God A Critical Review by Chris Duncan

Comments on select portions of Robert Sandeman’s Letters On Theron And Aspasio by Chris Duncan

Comments on portions of William Wilberforce “Practical Christianity” by Chris Duncan

A Critical review of Loraine Boettner’s The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination by Chris Duncan

Comments on select portions of Pilgrim’s Progress by Chris Duncan

Some articles written by me (a much loved and appreciated editor assisted me in properly arranging paragraphs, sentences, boiling or cutting away unnecessary or tedious verbiage, etc.).

What Constitutes Marriage? by Chris Duncan

The Wicked Westminster Confession by Chris Duncan

Some comments on the Bible (might contain some overlap if I quote, say, Calvin, on a given passage of Scripture).

Comments on select Psalms (Volume One)

A miscellaneous Reformed Tradition or Calvinist category, here: