The Majority of Scholars Say

My transcription of a small portion of James White’s “Dividing Line” program (this is not a promotion of James White as a true Christian, but interesting — though not surprising — comments about scholars who sit in judgment on the Word of God).

“We, as a Church, gave up the Old Testament to the Liberals a long time ago…if you hold to the views…if you believe with Paul that all Scripture is Theopneustos…which includes every word in Judges, you are in a small minority…a very small minority…you need to understand that…the reason that Andy Stanley is getting away with what Andy Stanley is getting away with is because there are a lot of people who have bought into the apologetic of…well, the majority of scholars say. Hey…if you want to be in the majority of scholars group you’re not going to be a Christian. You’re certainly not going to hold to the view of the Apostles…on almost anything…just realize that that’s the case” (James R. White).

Regarding Old Testament commentaries that have been published in the past nearly 100 years or more, White says:

“People ask me what sets of commentaries should I buy and stuff like that…well…I don’t know of any one set that has a consistent theological standard, really…especially when it comes to the Old Testament…it’s a mess…” (James R. White).