Crossless Christianity

“Peter had a true faith concerning Christ, that is, a saving, and not a hypocritical, though he imagined through mistake, that Christ could be the Saviour of his people, without sufferings, Matt. 16:22” (Herman Witsius, The Economy of the Covenants Between God and Man).

So here’s God-hater Witsius giving away the store. The cornerstone, the skandalon of true Christianity. To adapt something from another God-hater who, in a similar manner, has floated essential gospel doctrines down the Take-it-or-Leave-it-River:

One thing at least is clear: even if belief in efficacious satisfaction is not necessary to every Christian, it is necessary to Christianity. And it is necessary to the corporate witness of the Church….Let it never be forgotten that the efficacious cross-work of the God-Man Mediator is an integral part of the New Testament witness about Christ, and that that witness is strongest when it is taken as it stands.

The author I’ve adapted here is Gresham Machen, founder of the Orthodox Presbyterian Synagogue of Satan.