Furnace of Testing

Lord lead me in Your righteousness because of my enemies (Psalm 5:8). Make straight my path. For when I fall, these haters will laugh. Into the furnace of testing and affliction we are cast.

Children of Belial seize upon stumbling saints — holy hobbling vindicates the hypocritical paint. They inveigh with a hypocritical bulge in order their to sin indulge. Irreligious. Pseudo-pious feminist. Agnostic or Atheist. They invent a pernicious pretext — the paideia of God to resist; throwing slanderous shade and mist.

You sinned, they say — ha! So would we have it! (Psalm 35:21) Studiously seeking a license for lechery. These oppressive religious rules, this risible, toxic, and intolerant community. The unregenerate say that beautiful souls are stuffed with enmity.

They smear our love for Christ and His holiness with “an inhuman lack of empathy.” God-lovers worship Incarnate Truth, the Messiah. God-haters worship self-esteem, feelings, and porneia. Raising up holy hands, O Lord. For Your Name’s sake, destroy their plans (Psalm 5:10).