Counting noses and respecting faces

From the “Wicked Westminster Confession” thread at The Fighting Fundamentalist Forums. This particular post was around April, 2010:

Originally Posted by Pietros I could care less what the WCF says. I believe the Bible. I know that there are some places that the WCF is a little off, but to call it evil is to say that millions of people are all wrong and the great men who wrote it and put it into practice were all buffoons and mistaken and to me that is weird.

Evidently you don’t “care less” about numbers when it comes to ascertaining the truth. The WCF endorses continuing in the sin of adultery. Thus, if “millions of people” subscribe to the 24th chapter of the Westminster Confession, then “millions of people” endorse the practice of adultery. You ascertain truth by counting the quantity of noses and by respecting and fearing the quality of the faces of men. I say “quality of the faces” because you mention the “great men” who wrote the confession. These “great men,”as you’ve judged them, endorsed practicing the wickedness of adultery.

In striking contrast to you, Pietros, true Christians are not influenced in their judgments by the alleged “greatness” of men. They do not make their judgments based on numbers or the reputation or the great learning of man. They judge according to God’s testimony. It matters not whether the person endorsing wickedness is John Arrowsmith (professor of divinity at Cambridge), John Wallis (a scribe for the Assembly and one of the authors of the Shorter Catechism), John Lightfoot (“distinguished Oriental scholar”), or John Doe. Regardless of the name, the Standard of judgment remains the same.